At TLC, we offer a range of programs designed to address the individual needs of each child as well as a number of standard assessment and skill tests that help us establish realistic, reachable development goals.

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The TLC Focus Program provides short-term 1:1 ABA treatment for six hours a week for six months with some parent training, and is usually funded through a grant from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) with a cost share.




The TLC Comprehensive Program provides 1:1 intensive ABA treatment 12-35 hours per week, and is funded primarily through insurance and private pay. Our staff assist children with autism on a 1:1 basis throughout the day by leading them through a variety of learning and play activities. We target skills in all domains, including self-care, academics, language skills, socialization, verbal behavior, play skills and pragmatic language development.


The TLC Outreach Program is a parent training program that provides short-term 1:1 ABA treatment with the child and family members for 3 hours a week, and usually funded through general revenue with a sliding scale fee or through a medical waiver program.


We conduct thorough parent interviews to work with them to help determine their children’s developmental concerns.
The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program is a assessment tool, curriculum, and skill tracking system designed to help guide the treatment of children with autism.
The Assessment of Functional Living Skills is a teaching companion that contains tasks, teaching suggestions, and skill assessments designed to help children with autism with a wide variety of common life tasks.
The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills is a curriculum guide and skill tracking system that helps us teach language and learning skills to children with autism.

The Formative Assessment of Standard Tasks is a tool designed to assist educators by providing them the data they need to help raise their student’s achievement.

Functional Behavior Assessments are a wide range of methods we use to help us identify the reasons a child with autism is exhibiting specific behaviors.

Functional Analysis is used to help determine factors that lead to certain behaviors.
The Behavioral Language Assessment Form is another guide we use to help determine language skills progress.